Part One: Scene FourMature

SCENE 4 – INT French Classroom

BETHANY: So how’s life treating you Cal?

CALLUM: Same as always. You know sometimes I regret sitting with you Beth. Same question every time.

BETHANY: And so the convention goes that you…

CALLUM: Ask back. So how are you?

BETHANY: Better than you it seems. Guess who has a date this weekend.

CALLUM: I’d give a sarcastic answer but I want to know more. This is the only time you’ll hear me say this but – feel free to gossip.

BETHANY: Well his name is Greg and I think he’s quite cute.

CALLUM: OK. I see I’ll have to filter this. Tell me the stuff I will care about. Me. Not one of your girly friends.

BETHANY: He’s deeply religious.

CALLUM: Better luck next time.

(Image freezes on BETHANY with only her in focus.)

CALLUM (VO): So Beth is my other best friend. She kinda relies on me a fair bit for some stuff like, well everything. But that’s cool! She’s funny and we get on really well.

(Others return to focus and continue to move.)

BETHANY: Better than you at least. You’ve been single since what? Us?

(Image freezes with CALLUM and BETHANY in focus, staring into each other’s eyes just like they were moments before but now it appears more significant.)

CALLUM (VO): Oh so a couple of years ago, me and Beth had this little thing. I took her out a few times – no big deal. We were still friends since that was all we were ever meant to be. But I’d been alone since then. Two years. Nearly three.

(Image returns to normal.)

CALLUM: Not for much longer.

BETHANY: What does that mean? Who? Tell me.

CALLUM: Now that would be telling.


CALLUM (casually): The eyes.


CALLUM (casually): The height.

BETHANY: Jasmine?

CALLUM (almost angrily): Everything. The whole person. Just no.

BETHANY: Why so picky?

CALLUM: I know what I like. More importantly, what I can put up with.

BETHANY: You mean who.

CALLUM: Either. Who as in person or what as in type or personality traits. But I know what I’m doing. I’ve thought this through.

BETHANY: Really? Surely you want to check with me first though? Save yourself the embarrassment if you’ve picked poorly.

CALLUM: No. Since you don’t care about me as much as you want the gossip. Just wait and see – the answer will reveal itself.

BETHANY: Your choice. And I hope she doesn’t reveal herself like the last one did.

CALLUM (laughing): You were the last one.

BETHANY: You know what I meant! Other than me!

CALLUM: That was a long time ago. People change.

BETHANY: I heard she hasn’t.

CALLUM: I meant me! My tastes have changed.

BETHANY: Luckily. So spill. Who is she?

CALLUM: Oh look at that. We’ve run out of time. How much for this session?

BETHANY: Mate, you get weirder by the day.

CALLUM: Professional opinion?

BETHANY: Common knowledge.

CALLUM (VO): So I trust Bethany and normally she’d be the first person I’d tell but this time, things are different.

The End

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