Part One: Scene ThreeMature

SCENE 3 – INT School Corridor

CALLUM: You always have to do that don’t you?

WILL (smugly): I was just making a point.

CALLUM: And if it manages to prove someone else wrong and give you that smug satisfaction that you love so dearly, so much the better.

WILL (accepting defeat): Fair point.

(Image freezes with only WILL in focus.)

CALLUM (VO): So this is my best friend, Will. He’s a lot smarter than me. He’s also stronger than me, faster than me and pretty much everything better than me. But he isn’t cocky and I like that. I suppose I’m just here for him to mock and patronise but over the years, he’s learnt that I give as good as I get.

(All other characters come back into focus and move again.)

CALLUM: So what you got planned for this weekend?

WILL: Maybe go see a film.

CALLUM (holding back a laugh): With your online girlfriend?

WILL (defensively): Not true and not funny.

CALLUM: I think it is but go on.

WILL: But I suspect I’ll just sit at home being bored. And she left me.

CALLUM (faking sympathy): Want me to feel sorry for you?

WILL: Do you have plans?

CALLUM: My brother has football. No fun for me.

WILL: Still don’t get it?

CALLUM: Never will. No interest you see. Too much running – not enough thinking.

WILL (winking): For the intellectually challenged then?

CALLUM: You know that’s not what I’m saying.

WILL: I like to mix things up. Question your beliefs. Expand your knowledge.

CALLUM: Wind me up. Anyway, this is my class. Have fun doing whatever it is that you do!

WILL: And good luck speaking a foreign language! You seem to struggle with your own!

(WILL continues down the corridor. CALLUM turns off and enters a classroom.)

CALLUM (VO): You see, I’m a languages kinda guy – I speak French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Latin for all the use that it is. Plus English of course. It was the one thing that just clicked in my head. I suppose that was why I was the “go-to” guy for that kind of thing. I often joke that I should run half of the lessons – I know more German than my teacher for a start! But that wasn’t my real interest. That has to be acting. I’m not that good, but I love it and that’s all that matters to me. I suppose that on that day something important something slightly important happened in my French class.

The End

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