Part One: Scene TwoMature

SCENE 2 – INT English Classroom

(Small classroom with only around 10 students and a teacher in. They are engaged in an argumentative discussion in which WILL is getting aggravated. CALLUM remains quiet, only laughing when WILL starts to get angry.)

WILL (loudly): Surely you can’t say that? I mean there’s hardly any evidence in the novel.

TEACHER (Interrupting mid-sentence): Play.

WILL (quieter): Play to support your theory.

MARIA (calmly with a hint of enjoyment): What do you suppose it means then?

(Bell rings. All students start to pack away anything on their desks and begin to have little conversations amongst themselves.)

TEACHER (raising voice): Right. I want each of you to come up with your own view and (turns to MARIA) justify it using the text. See you next lesson.

(All leave the classroom.)

The End

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