Twisted heart

It is with a cold sense of clarity in which I have decided to let you know this. The world around me screams and yet, I alone stay silent. Ever watching, ever waiting until a time as when my voice can finally be heard above the sounds and voices of the many. As I stay here in my silence I watch and listen as other voices fade, only for new ones to join. Most believe me mute and dumb, most ignore me. Yet there are few who pause in their cries of anguish, greed and hope to stare at the mute one. The one who does not speak or move. Or even appear to breathe. To them I am constant and they stop to make sure I am still there, that I have not moved or disappeared like voices long ago. But soon the voices will all disappear and I shall be alone, for I have but one name that most fear and hide from. And yet some don't know it until it has come to pass.

I am Silence. 
I am your last breath. 
I am hope and despair.

For I am Death, and Death is eternal. And all things which are eternal are sure to become twisted with time

The End

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