The history and everything humans know about turtle-bats.


-They are inhabitants of the planet Pluto (to them it's a planet).

-Half turtle half bat; they have a blue turtle body and shell, but instead of legs they have a total of four bat wings that they are also able to walk on.

-They eat any food.

-Their ability to fly is very helpful and they are able to fly at an average of 40 mph. Also they have the ability to hover in place.

-Their whole body is as hard as diamond except for their stomach which is as hard as steel. They have blue bodies and they have green wings

-They breathe nitrogen.

-Even with wings they can still swim underwater.

-They are cold-blooded and can adapt to any kind of environment.

-Size: Length: 4 glixes (1 glix=1.01175 feet), Width: 2 glixes, Height: 1.2 glixes, Front Wingspan: 12 glixes, Back Wingspan: 4 glixes

The End

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