Turn It Up

Turn up the music,
Belt out the song,
Dance like theres no one watching.
Move if ya need to move,
And reach a pitch that only aliens could hear.

So turn it up,
So loud that you can’t hear yourself,
Scream out
And ha-ave fun.
Turn it up,
Move to the rythym,
Sing out,
And ha-ave fun.

Close your eyes,
Live out dream.
Make a fool out of yourself.
Don’t be self-conscienous.
And Sing the song thats i-in your heart.

Do whats in your heart,
Be unique,
Don’t follow the crowd.
Make the music loud.
(Shake, Shake Sha-eh-e-eh-ake)(X3)
(Sing it,
Move it,
Love it,
Sha-e-eh-e-ake it)(X2)

The End

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