Tugging Dock Ropes

This is about a boy that I loved and let go of.

I was young and naive,

releasing boats from the dock

and out to the sea.

One day he stopped me

with his hands on my shoulders,

and with his lips to my ear, said, 

"Not knowing how to sail the boats

doesn't call for severing their mooring ropes"

So with my hand in his,

we fought against the sun's heat,

and blistered our feet on the scorching shore sand.

In him, I found the world's most coveted treasure

in the form of a malignant boy looting girls for pleasure.

I sit alone on the edge of the dock,

catching glass bottles holding blank papers.

My eyes, full of youthful hope,

search the sea's edge

in hopes that his boat will occupy

this dock once again.

The End

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