You'll never know how much you mean to me,

Because no amount of words can say it;

No action can express it.

I love you beyond belief.

Nothing can compare to

The feeling I get when I'm near you.

What I see in your eyes

Is no surprise;

So full of lies:

The unspoken truth

You'll never say.

You keep me guessing everyday.

You keep saying never,

But I know the truth.

You wish to soothe

My aching heart,

But you don't know how.

So you vow

To never make it

Any worse.

Is this a curse

That I was born with?

To always ache

Until I awake

From this aweful dream?

With you by my side,

I have to reason to hide

From the nothingness

Of outside life.

You take the knife

That's stabbing my heart;

You heal my hurt.

You flirt,

Though you don't realize it.

I don't even care

That you're playing with my hair


Making me want mroe.

You've got me down to the core.

From my head to my toes;

Baby I'm your's.

Behind closed doors;

Each reveals a different prize,

But you always come to

What's best for you.

The same door repeatedly;

The same door I'm behind.

Each time you find

A new way to surprise me;

A new way

To take my breath away,

To leave me speechless.

Baby I can't breathe!

Everything underneath,

All that I see,

So deep down;

I feel like such a clown

Believing everything you tell me.

How do I know it's true?

How do I know it's really you?

You seem so far away;

Only in my dreams.

Nothing is what it seems.

Everything feels so fake.

Are you real?

While I wait for my wounds to heal,

I get confused.

I am the one you choose.

You have nothing to lose,

But I'd lose my heart;

A part of my life.

Will I be your wife?

Day after day,

You leave me breathless

And save me from my nothingness.

I'll tell you what I'd do;

I'd walk a mile

Just to see you smile.

Will you meet me half-way?

So I can see your face?

I'll dress in lace

For that perfect day

When the sun shines.

You've crossed all the lines.

Now I know,

You're love is true;

It's really you.

The End

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