The Middle School GymMature

At this point the only hope was that we would find it in the car, later, when it was warm and dry and we could actually give it a good searching. We gave up. Since the car was in driving mode (at least, closer to that than to sleeping mode) we decided we might as well go to the damn middle school gym where it might be warm, and try to sleep there. It would be easier than re-doing the car, plus we still hadn't brushed our teeth or anything, and I was so stiff from the cold that I really couldn't imagine being outside any longer.

Between the two colds, that is... the sickness cold and the cold weather... it was getting extremely hard to breathe. We were so mad at everything. It sucked. So I shoved some things out of the way in my seat, and we started to brave the road.

Remember that guy at the Mexican restaurant who told us about the shelter and gave us directions to it? Yeah. We followed that guy's directions, down the steep slope, safely. The school looked pretty barren though. We got out of the car and walked up closer. It didn't seem right.

It wasn't. It was the high school, not the middle school. That guy had given us bogus directions. Not his fault, but we were still pissed at him. So now we were pretty far away from that one section of town that was right off the highway. But we had to ask someone for directions, and we certainly wouldn't find anyone way out here, so we drove all the way back. On the ice. It was dangerous, yes, but Chris is a wonderful driver, and we made it safely back to another hotel. Chris went in and got directions. Real ones.

We followed THOSE directions, which did indeed lead us to a middle school, which was indeed open. The outer perimeter of the gym was full of people like us, some trying to sleep, some just sitting there, some standing up drinking coffee. It was kind-of warm. But not really warm, because the doors were open. It wasn't freezing though. We went to the bathroom to brush our teeth.

The bathrooms were both horrible. There was no toilet paper, and no paper towels at all. It all sucked balls. So did the bleachers. And the floor was worse. It was too hard. I probably would have stayed and slept in there anyway, but Chris wanted to sleep in the car, because he was sure he wouldn't get any sleep at all in this place. Since I had chosen to not care about anything else at this point, that's what we did.

Walking through the cold again sucked, setting up the car again REALLY sucked, sleeping in the negative degrees sucked, and never having found the Altoids can sucked soooo much... I just can't tell you enough how horrible that was.

Even waking up in the morning sucked, although at least the sun was out and the roads were open. Of course the traffic out of Santa Rosa that morning was horrible, and the roads weren't completely safe again either. We saw tons of wrecks on the way. (mostly Fed-Ex trucks, actually) We ended up bumper-to-bumper every time we passed a wreck, even though by the time we passed them they were all completely out of the road, and not hindering anyone's ability to drive 70 mph. But... you know the idiots....

Well anyway. After all that Santa Rosa bullshit we decided not to stop anywhere until we got to Phoenix. So we drove all day, and we made it to Phoenix. It was 60 degrees there when we arrived. Awesome.

And everything would have been alright in Phoenix, had I not lost that fucking Altoids can.

The End

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