An Ode To A Guy

Whom I’ve Never Met

But From What I’ve Heard, He’s The Worst Yet


A Terrible Dude

Crushed Her Heart With A Fist

Then Stomped All Over The Little Bits


Now This Special Girl

We’ve Never Encountered Each Other

But You’d Bet Your Best Boots, We Stick Up For One Another


Her Ficlet Friends

Bartimaeus, Band Baby And Me

When One Of Us Hurts, So Do The Other Three


What More Do You Want?

You Guys Are Great Friends

She’ll Be There With You ‘Till It Ends


I’ll Admit, In The Beginning

I Thought You Were Sweet

But Your Actions From That Thought Deplete


So What? She Admitted

She Had Feelings For You

That’s No Excuse For What You Decided To Do


Wanted You To Be Happy

Is That Such A Crime?

Perhaps Her Feelings Would Have Faded In Time


But No…

Whatever Goes On In Your Messed Up Head

Thought To Lie To Her Instead


You Said Maybe It Could Work

Decided To Give Her A Chance

Led Her On A Merry Dance


Then Right At The Dip

You Dropped Her On The Floor

Said You Saw Her As Nothing More


Reneged On Your Word

You Heartless Boy

Call Her A Friend? Friends’ Feelings Aren’t Toys


Have You An Inkling What You Have Done?

She’s Losing Her Sanity

You’re Even Causing Her To Use Profanity


Sir, Thou Art An Idiot

Wrecked Havoc With Her Brain

Even When It’s Sunny Outside, All She Sees Is Rain


Thou Art A Fool

Completely Inconsiderate

You Probably Can’t Even Read This, Because You’re Illiterate


Don’t Even Try

To Pull That “You Don’t Know Me” Mess

I’ve Seen What You’ve Sent To Her In Text


I Will Never

And Have No Interest, In Knowing You

Fella, Everyone Has Stuff They Have To Go Through


How Dare You Tell Her

She’ll End Up Alone

Does She Have No Feelings, Is She Made Of Stone?


Oh Wait… I’m Sorry

I’ve Just Described You

An Unspeakable Cow Who Can’t Even ‘Moo’


Are You Stupid?

Hey, I’ll Give You A Slap

Maybe Even Show You The Slow Motion Recap



You Think You’re So Slick

Well I Think Your Brain Is Coated In Stale Bisquick


My If I Knew You

I’d Slam Your Face Into A Tree

Better Be Glad You're Nowhere Near Me


Do You Even

Feel A Speck Of Loss

For All Of The Horror And Pain That You Cause


I’ve Made Clear How Important She Is

I’ve Taken The Time To Insult You In Verse

Can’t You See How Much Her Heart Hurts?


You Know What I Think?

I Think That You’re Scared

That Deep Down Inside You May Really Have Cared


Here’s A Lesson You’d Best Learn Quick

Break A Girl’s Heart And Don’t Make Amends

You’re Doomed To Be Stalked By All Of Her Friends





The End

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