I Am ___________________

My name is Eloosive and I love to rhyme

Some think misspelling elusive is a crime

I say: my way is the only way to go

It's clever and witty, if I may say so


Born on the Island of Vancouver I was

Shy as hell but my parents gave me much love

Never any pressure to do as they would

But two older sisters who showed me what's good


Did well in school, went to university

A small town boy in a big, scary city

Five years later I escaped with my degree

And left for Europe to find the sights to see


Met van Gogh in Amsterdam, jazz in Berlin

Tasted wine in Rome and beer in Ireland

Made friends with travelers from every nation

Screw school - Europe was my real education


I came back home but the travel bug had bit

One year later New Zealand was where I hit

I walked, I biked, I drove and I thumbed around

I talked, I drank, I worked and I bummed around


I jumped out of tiny planes not once, but twice

I met a Japanese girl who hated rice

I used a car, a tent and bunks for bedding

Would still be there but for my sister's wedding


But I'm glad I came back - this is my true home

In me is a piece of everywhere I roamed

Now with my love I sing, laugh the days away

Together we'll see it all again... someday

The End

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