Tributes to Thine Self

I am the RiverTalker , the author of the Oak,

The one who gets inspired by the far and distant smoke.

But I am also of New Brunswick, the province of my birth,

A Canadian transplanted to the Tropic climes of earth.


I am the RiverTalker, of Yellow Roses fame,

And Detective MacKenzie is my alter ego's name.

But I was also an attorney who practiced in the courts,

But at a certain point of life, I tried a trade of different sorts.


I am the RiverTalker, who wrote of scandals sad,

Like when Mickey Mouse turned out so very bad.

But I am also a watercolorist, who paints of rural life,

And married to a teacher, my brilliant, lovely wife.


I am the RiverTalker, who writes with many friends,

Fellow would-be authors, pursuing literary ends.

But I would love to hear, a self-tribute from them all,

A gallery of authors to hang upon the wall.




The End

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