You're like

You are like the wind to me. I can not see what you see, you travel far beyond me and way into the sky. But what is in the sky for me but birds and thin air? I simply cannot focus on your lofty ideals when there's so much down here to do. You are so mysterious you know. You always hint at great things or rewards I will get but what comes of it?

Nothing at all

Quite frankly i'm tired of all your cryptic answers and half-truths. How can I be content with just a promise that you're there for me when I can't feel you? That isn't good enough for me. I was never one to believe just on a person's word but oh how you tried to change that. How you tried.

And Failed

Frankly, the entire relationship was fraught with uncertanties on my end and disinterest on yours. We were together because my parents said so. But I always knew, even before I could admit it to myself, that there was just something wrong. What can be built upon blind faith based in a myriad of nonsense? Where are the truths and where are the lies?

I can't trust you to tell me, now can I?




The End

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