Parental Advisory: Exo-Propagandist Content

How big can a family be? A sense of family can certainly extend beyond genetic and marital relatives, and sometimes, relatives aren't really family, but a family requires mutual love and care among its members. McDonogh, my pretentious prep school, claims to be a family. A family that's members backstab each other, where people only gather in tragedy, and snarky comments are still whispered even then. To call this group a family requires posed smiling pictures, a few good sound bytes pulled from a sea of bad ones, and constant repetition of talk about camaraderie to mimic a Head On commercial. My Comrades and I don't appreciate this falsehood, we're working for ourselves, not the collective good, especially since the collective good includes people like Viscous Jerk-face and Cooler-than-thou Brush-off. The collective good is a great idea, I get a lot of satisfaction out of giving a hand to people who need it, but it doesn't work, because people are selfish bastards. Capitalism certainly sucks, but so does the Common Good approach: Grapes of Wrath sodality and Communism seem great, but in the end, Old Major dies, Boxer and Snowball get killed and Napoleon runs it all.

The End

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