Travels Along the Road to Hell

Paved with good intentions...

I'l be the first to admit that I don't know if I'm an eligible match for any vacancies in Heaven that may open up in the next few centuries. I'll then duly mention that I'm not sure if there is a heaven– it rings of a comforting lie invented thousands of years ago to help a ruler suppress whatever body of proletariat was on the brink of rebellion at the time, or a way to quell man's inherent fear of death, which traditionally stops him from doing stupid things. It's not that I've done anything terribly wrong in my life; I don't cheat, steal things, make people feel bad about themselves (I'm usually referred to as "too nice") or God forbid physically hurt someone, but If there is a God, and He has any ego whatsoever, which I would imagine the Divine Creator of the Universe might, I don't think he'd like what I have to say about him sometimes, or my uncertainty about the words that echo off the stained glass I avoid on Sunday mornings. But I guess, if there is a Hell, and if I'm headed there, I may as well try to explain my mostly good intentions which have paved and will continue to pave my path there so I don't look like a total [insert insult here (they pretty much all fit somehow)].

The End

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