Travelling France

Written at 21:55, 26/06/10

She could feel the sweat beading above her lip and on her forehead but made no move to wipe it away as she stared out the window.
Her familiar music sounded through her headphones, and at a brief glance the passing countryside could be mistaken for her own homeland.
The rolling fields, browsing cattle herds and the small coppices passed her eyeline but she knew the similarities ended there. The very houses and homes were different, it far too clear and bright to be home at this time.
The very air hot and heavy, her hair clinging to her aching neck and the everpresent dryness of her throat pressing on her mind.
Finally giving in, she licked the moisture from her lip, chasing away the salt with a gulp of warm, cherry flavoured water.
Night was darkening the sky, hopefully bringing relief from the blinding sun and foremost, the promise of a bed and a shower.

The End

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