Travel II

The second day was filled with thoughts for me. I guess I'm a rather thoughtful person when I try. I had my music in for the whole of the day, listening to Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Avril Lavigne's old stuff & Slipknot. We went to a beach and every other member of my family except from me went in the sea and did normal beach things. I stayed in the same place for the whole day and wrote, listening to the same song on repeat for like two hours. The song was Gehenna by Slipknot, and I just ignored everybody else until I'd finished. I do that sometimes. I'm either in my own world completely, with my head in the clouds, or I zone out constantly, or I refuse to come back down until I've finished what I've started writing. Every writer knows the worst thing when you're trying to write some epic piece, is for someone to do something stupid and distract you.
The air is different out there to how it is in the UK, and I swear it's not just me. The air is cleaner out there, and it's nicer to breathe. Although that actually sounds like a really weird thing to say.

-- I  don't even write stories, they're just personal random accounts that I think someone one day might be crazy enough to read or maybe even care about, even though I never understand why. Apparently I'm good at descriptive and creative writing, so I might try that sometime, too. --

I just seem to have some kind of unexplainable fascination with the night. The night time in cities is beautiful, but it doesn't really compare to night time in the countryside, or in  the isolated parts of the world. I honestly wish that everybody shared this passion for the night time with me, because it's just... it's almost magical, I swear.
When I'm abroad, I don't have to worry about what other people are thinking of me, because I don't know any of them. I can walk around in a dress, and not feel uncomfortable or self conscious. I like that. It's the only time I'll willingly do that, too. I'd never wear a dress around loads of people I know and feel confident or within my comfort zone.
It's weird how different and relaxed everything seems to be when I'm on holiday. It's just so much better, I guess. I don't think that makes sense, but it's like, my parents are relaxed, and therefore I'm relaxed. It's nice. I want to be able to travel the whole world one day. It's one of those things I'm just gonna do before I die. It's on my bucket list now, I'm not going back on my word... 

The End

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