I'm new to this, so it's gonna suck, because my writing style is very different, apparently.
Anyway, here goes...
I know a lot of people who want to travel the world. I love travelling. It's one of those things I've loved doing since I was young. I wanted to share my experiences with other people.

I always have little heart attack kind of things when I'm at airports. They make me feel uncomfortable. Other people make me feel uncomfortable. Strangers; people I've never met before. Ones who you have to unwillingly share your personal space with. I always just try and plug my music in and ignore everything around me, but it doesn't always work, especially when I've been up for hours and hours in the car, with my little brother, who is two years younger than me, and gets somewhat hyper when we're going abroad.
I wanted to write about where I went last May. Nearly a year ago now. My mum, dad, brother and I, we spent a week in Santa Maria di Leuca in the south of Italy. Right near the boot part. I am absolutely useless at Geography, and the only reason I know where Italy is on a map is because I know it looks like a high heeled boot, as someone kindly pointed out to our class back in primary school. 
We flew to Italy. I know some people are terrified of flying, but it doesn't bother me. In fact, it seems to actually fascinate me. I love how it feels when the plane goes really really fast when it's just about to take off, and when there's some air pressure, and it goes all bumpy, and you look around and see worry on people's faces. I find it kind of amusing. I love when the plane suddenly goes down and it makes your stomach feel all funny, and I love the danger of it. The adrenaline.
That's something else about me... I'm obsessed with adrenaline. I love doing things that make me feel alive, things that scare me. I'm a strong believer that you should do something that scares you every day.  I guess some people think I'm insane because I do a lot of stupid things. I don't think they're actually stupid, it's not like anyone is forcing me to do them. I just like it. I don't like living with stupid regrets. 
Yeah, anyway. So when we got there, we had to find our hire car, and it was really hot outside, I remember.  I'm one of those people who burns in the sun, if I stay there for too long, I get headaches and my freckles come out and they annoy me, and I have a slight squint. But I love the sunshine. It makes me happy.
When we were driving, I remember the smell... The smell of hire cars. They just smell new, if that makes any sense. If I get in a new car, I will automatically think of being on holiday, because that's what I associate it with.
There were loads of cacti. Everywhere. I remember going up little country roads that were pretty much isolated.
Some people dislike Italy because it's old and dusty, but I think it's beautiful. I find the whole isolated artistic thing absolutely beautiful. I think Italy is more romantic than Paris, actually...
Italy also reminds me of Mark Knopfler's Sailing To Philadelphia album. The first time I went to Italy, I went to Tuscany and Pisa, I honestly believe it's the most beautiful place I have ever been in my entire life. It was perfect. Going past vineyards and sitting in a pizzeria when the sun was just going down as a thunderstorm was setting in overhead. I love thunderstorms. They are one of the somewhat beautiful mysteries of this world.
The first night we spent in Santa Maria di Leuca was amazing. My brother and I had a separate room in the hotel to my parents, and we had a balcony. In the middle of the night, I just crept out of my room and sat on the balcony. The air was cool and calming. I read a little bit, wrote some stuff, and watched the sky, because it was just perfect.
It's one of those places I've been begging my parents to take me back to, because I swear ever since I left, I've been physically missing it. 

The End

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