Transport ~

A girl, trying ~ to leave - to arrive -

A woman packs her suitcase

in the middle of the night ~

first quickly

then upside down

the contents spill

beginning again

like many things in life

she needs the detail

just so ~

some rolled, some stuffed, far toward the corners -

some itemized -

in plastic bags

a few times – folded neatly

she repeats

then pauses

finally accepting

haphazard ~


Added pressure controls

the scramble

she's been exercising

and eating right

muscles tense

plenty of water

eliminates ~

yet much remains -


Sucking in a gut

standing slightly hunched

she rights herself

a strap, rough scratch

of Velcro

holds it all together


There have been hardships,


many bundles -



She can't get out of her mind.

It's dull – she's quite bright – yet flat aspect creeping further along the tunnels of a brain -

it's like a picture – a small slow river – barely a movement -

snapping fingers – a small violent shake of head – nothing rattles –

a thought of death – and how far remains -

...then, “if one could keep this up – this slowed down motion -?” a mind asking is full - she wonders -

Not long ago – there was brightness – excited – advancing, on a stage – a thought of furthering knowledge, staying hopeful -

just now, turns, a different page



This suitcase that she's holding is full of trouble -

this suitcase

held together with a tension 'bout to burst

she kept on tightening the reins

the ruddy strap begins to fray

someone found her open

along the edge

where zips, torn - are forgotten -

deficiency in closure -

some never learn to hold it in,

letting others rape like piracy the privacy that should for each one be so holy

feelings -

we all have them

we all deserve a kindness toward them

she snugs together tightly -much too late

picks up the debris – stuffing once again

but like I said, it is so late -


Damaged goods are full of wrinkles

muddy footprints stain the silk

undergarments, close to the chest

have been drug out of the closet

some things have snuck in – from the back door

they had tools that felt like chisel

crawled slow, a strangle up the back bone

crept into the mind

making for the weary -


This is not a common case

the wheels are small, it has a handle

the letters R and K – for arcane are boldly blood red lettered

inside is something nasty

bitter if you would taste

inside she weeps -

false laughter

spills ~ sweet cherry red upholster -

it's part of the full picture

the bright

along with darkness


Heading toward the front steps

there is no hiding -

belly up – displayed


Footsteps tapping rhythm

slow, then quickly

she's thinking

Articles and voices – multiple fragments

held onto – like extra limbs clumsy ~ pieces

placed within her chest

It's rolling, long – beside -

without pause

toward her stumble,

tumbling ground– a jar

the bounce of stair -


finding a way - around - the broken down -

kinda sideways

yet hardly stagger -


Will she be fine?

She has great imagination

is it early -

or is it late?


Feeling hopeful

somewhere to go -

occupies a mind

whispered songs – have faded

she wants them back

to write them down.


Waiting for a voice

somewhat familiar

to talk to

a face, a number -

a list, once long -


hard to imagine

like letters – foreign, scribbled - scrolled -

many blank pages,

spaces -

in between

she had thought one more time

to know them

where had they gone?

Nothing came to mind.


This road is where she's going

one sole placed before another, feels the way

small image begins

to broaden

the walls wrinkle

a door bends

a window cracks

to let a little light in -

one more beam – slight gleam –

a chance -

she'll take it ~


Mostly dark and many alleys

yet there's a fragrance

rare – that opens in spite of blackness


And tho a nightmare scrapes -

when first awakened – nerves

nails dig in -

a thought – abusive

leaves bruises -


she's gotta shake that old tattoo -

of scar -

the mar that stains -

the girl within -


That – is where she's going -

gonna shake that old tattoo ~

The End

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