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last chapter was a quick view of my week. by the way, your protagonist's name is Paula. Last weekend was a total messed up weekend. Worked at the Royal Bath for fifteen hours and finished at 3.30am. that was uncool provided that I was stressing myself out because friends have left me and  im alone in bournemouth. well not really alone but with my boyfriend marcus. (heya baby!) sandra - the lovely and funny girl from austria whom i met at rbh has stayed at my place for a few days with her boyfriend - mikey. who happened to be one of marcus's bestfriends. cool isnt it?  i love sandra. shes got loads of things to share. i never get bored of her company. its 22.19 and thursday  3 July 2008.

Monday. OFF from work. last day at flat 3 sandringham house. sad really. everything happened there. first total alcohol mess up. party nights. friends coming over. poker nights. boys. girlies. marcus' coming over. fights. controversies. what can i say. big brother?! so i moved out of flat 3. i was shitting myself out bcos i packed my fone charger and then my fone ran out of batt. it sucked. well i guess, deleting my baby;s number from time to time had helped me memorise his number and the fonebooth outside was a big help. And then i met his mom. she must be cool. hmmm.. i think i wont have a hard time getting along with her becos shes cool. i bet my dad wont even smile at my boyfriend. he doesnt even ask about him. i guess theyre just scared i might devote all my life to this guy who i just met in less than a year. i totally understand.


tuesday. BACK TO WORK. twas quiet and fun. me and sona in oscar's with alec. oh what fun. then went to casino. omigod, i won. then had this massive bottle of moet champagne which wouter - my nights manager at rbh - bought for us. we did some french speaking and talked about people. sona was about to cry while complaining about ian. this duty manager who looked creepy for us. but they said he's alright.

Wednesday: HUNG OVER from malibu coke, strongbow, and champagne. I HATED THE FEELING. oh dear. i had s stressful day as i moved all our stuffs from our room to room next door. and went to asda by myself. and cleaned and was thinking about work at reh. royal exeter. hmmm.. then yeah, i worked. my workmates are all old ladies who dont know how to have fun. i like kate. the head receptionist. like her really. maybe shes a bit my age. well kind of.


thursday. oh god. work was so boring at royal exeter. they would let me do anything. well good thing kate was giving me some stuffs to do. what i like is that i had loads of time afterwards to do other things which i think is very good. and anyway, thats really how it is. really. i gotta embrace it. hell yeah.


Friday. TOMORROw:?? rose, my supervisor fr rbh has asked me to do dinner shifts for this night and sat night. hmmm, ok its money anyway. FINE.

Saturday. split shift. i wonder.

Sunday. time for myself.


me and asha said goodbye to each other before she left for holland, but i think we will never be cool again. maybe. she has turned me away. and i wont shit myself out trying to beg for her mercy. enough of this childishness. if we become friends like before. she would get mad at me again and make me feel bad. i dont ever want to feel that again because it was such a waste of time. oh dear. oh dear. but hey were diplomats arent we?

missing monica. well shes the only person that will get mad at me and will still forgive me at the end of the day. why do i always mess up with people i love? is it really me? well people. they said friends are supposed to make you feel good and asha doesnt. she makes me feel bad whenever she gets annoyed at me and i just dont want to deal with that anymore. and i feel stronger when were not associated. you know what i mean? i dont ever want to leave myself in a vulnerable state again.

rosey. i dont know. miscommunication. she doesnt wanna open up. well maybe. i dont know. shes unpredictable really.

this is like my version of the hills. my life though. me in a foreign country dealing with dramas. im thinking of the day when i have to get out of england because my visa will expire and have to jump to other countries. hmmm! i will cry surely. and will miss my baby. love you marcus.


this is the transition phase that will occupy some pages in the book of my life. the end of living with friends. the end of a friend (no big deal!! hehe). the end of working in royal bath. the start of living with boyfriend. the start of a new workplace and new environment. i gotta cope. and new stuffs like that. one day i will look back and read this chapter and will say. hey! really paula? HUH? x0x0.

The End

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