Tout Seule

Quand tout le monde laissent, un ami entre.

Loneliness is a dreadful feeling to experience. There are some in this world who have everything they desire; money, looks, status....but happiness is not a pleasure you can buy. The feeling of being amongst many people yet feeling completely alone is a pain that cannot be described. Putting it into words is like searching for light when you're living in a universe of complete shadows. It's trying to do something that you know is impossible.

To be rejected by people around you for being someone that you're not is reasonable. Putting a mask and trying to get an act like someone you're not can be fun if you never were able to like yourself. But lying is never a good thing to do even if the circumstances you are under make you do it that way. But with every lie you make about your identity, you bind the strings around your limits even tighter until your heart just can't take it anymore. You'll find yourself questioning what you ever did say, unsure of your lies. It's like a mirror reflected back unto you, but the image you see is not what you wanted to. You strangle yourself as the strings become tighter, unable to find yourself out of this entanglement.

Rather than face that sticky mess, being who you are is a better choice. Sure, doing that around people who make you feel insecure will never be a marshmallow because it's easier for you to assume people don't like the "fake" you.

But when a person avoids themself, it's the worst thing to do. You think being yourself is "wrong". The situation is rather like digging for diamonds in a hot and steaming volcano. All you'll find is the fire. The deeper you go, the more it burns.

It's never easy to admit that some people don't accept you for you. But there are others who might like the glint in your eye, the scar on your cheek, or the rarest smile on your lips. There are...

Loneliness is a dreadful feeling. But finding your way out of it will truly lead you to the place where you really belong.

Quand tout le monde laissent, un ami entre.

The End

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