Touchy Subjects: Religion and JudgingMature

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Touchy Subjects: Religion

So this rant is going to be about people, more specifically about how people have to stick thier greasy noses up everyone ass and make biased judgments that are unjustified and offensive. I try to not stereotype people but generally the type of people i hate right now are religious people, now yes i know not all religious people are judgemental asswipes, but it seems that usually a small part ruins it for the whole. There are a few people who are christians who i absolutly love, they are the most amazing people i have ever met, but then there are christians who use thier religion to make themselves look better than others and tell people that we are wrong and they are right, well here is a reality check for you, NOBODY is perfect. Maybe your “god” may be perfect or jesus may have been perfect but you are just as equal as i am, we all make mistakes and do stupid things that we regret, so get off your high horse and stop being a predjudice and so damn arrogant. That is all im going to say, mostly since all the other things i have to say would be biased to

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