My Top 5 Music Artists

Ok, first off, I'm rather surprised that nobody has done this subject yet, and I feel part accomplished and part shallow since I'm doing it. I just want to let it be known that this is in no particular order,

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ok these guys are just amazing. Plain and simple. Seriously, they've crossed the oceans between genres multiple times, and they have always come out on top. Active since the 80's, and still going stronger than ever, the Chili Peppers have proven time and time again their rightful place in the music hall of fame, sitting atop thrones built out of platinum albums. I'm totally psyched for their new album coming out on August 30th, "I'm With You"!

2. Marshall Mathers.  Most know him by his stage names of Eminem, and Slim Shady, but he could change his name to "Kitty Cat Collector" and he would still be one of the most influential and greatest artists ever to tread the music industry. His mix of provocative, intelligent, and often-times downright hilarious lyrics flow like a stream through Paradise, and his instrumentals usually differ from most rap artists choice of instrumentals. He frequently uses electric guitar sounds, the most famous instance being the intro to his single, "Lose Yourself." Eminem is not afraid (pun intended ;) ) to blatantly insult anything or anyone he chooses in his lyrics. He has been called homophobic by many people, but despite some of his lyrics, he has no problem with gay people, and is on very good terms with Sir Elton John. Many of the things he says in his songs, particularly hateful and derogatory things, aren't true, (though some are, but that's a WHOLE different story). Anyways, I'm beginning to ramble. He is a subject I could go on about for hours if I could. On to the next item on the list...

3. Adrian von Zeigler. Now this guy is something else! He's an independent composer from Switzerland that I discovered on YouTube a while back (by the way, I find it funny how with a lowercase T, YouTube is considered misspelled, but capital, it's fine). Anyway, he's young, I think about 20 or 21 or so. Mostly, he composes Gothic, Celtic, and Pagan music, usually with a metal twist in the music. Very original and immensely talented, he has a lot of fans on his YouTube channel, though not nearly as much as he deserves, so I recommend that you give his music a listen, and if you like it, to support him! 

4. Elena Seigman and Kevin Sherwood. Ok, I know it's two people, but they work together to create the music for the Nazi Zombies games, so to me, they are a single entity! Now I'm sure some of you are probably thinking along the lines of, "Oh, It's a video game, that doesn't count! Go listen to some real music, you young whipper-snapper!" Ok. Calm down, gramps. These songs are incredible, and Elena Seigman sings (and screams, yes) amazingly on top of some beautifully crafted intrumentals.

5. Nickelback. Thank you, Canada! (We're sorry about Miley Cyrus, by the way.) These guys make some of the most inspirational and uplifting music I've ever heard! Seriously, "If Everyone Cared" gets me every time. 

The End

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