My Top 5 reasons why I hate the country life.

I live in the country side on a large acreage and with lots of wildlife around. I usually love the serenity and the quiet, but there are a few things that make my top 5 list of things that I hate.


  1. The bugs and beasties that thrive out here!  I had never seen large spiders like they grow them out here! They are called Wolf spiders I believe and they are huge. The first one I saw was running across my living room floor and I thought it was a mouse. Two of my dogs ran up to it and then they backed away from it, whimpering. That should have been my first clue. I had to hit it several times with a shoe in order to dispatch of it properly.
  2. The rain when you don’t want it, the heat when you don’t want it and the snow when you aren’t prepared for it! During the summer, when you have fireplaces that heat your home during the winter, you have to cut and stack firewood. And that means, when you load up the 4 wheeler and trailer and head out into the forest to cut down dead trees, you hope that the weather stays nice. Chances are, you will get out there and it will rain, or it is so hot that you cook. Then the bugs come out and eat you alive. So you are using the chainsaw, swatting at biting flies and mosquitoes and just missing cutting off your own limbs in the process. After doing all that and sweating with each load you return to the barn with and unload, winter arrives out of seemingly nowhere, and you are unprepared!!
  3. The Coyotes. They run in packs, they kill new fawns in the springtime, they bring down sheep and goats in the fields and they have new pups every summer. That means there are more and more of them running all over the place. They howl when you are just in a nice, deep sleep and they wake you up, or they get the dogs all howling too, and then no one gets any sleep!!
  4. The hunters that appear on our land in the different hunting seasons! No matter how many times you run them off your land, they reappear. We have thought about blocking the road that leads to our farms at this end of the lane but that wouldn’t work. They have guns and are very easy to upset!!
  5. I hate that the spring and fall are not long enough here. The summers have been extremely hot and humid. They seem to last a long time, without relief. The nights are sticky with the humidity and the days are unbearable at times. But the autumn with its gorgeous colors and scenery doesn't seem to last very long. Also the autumn seems to be the perfect temperature. With cooler days it is a break from the summer heat. The cooler nights, make it wonderful to sleep with the bedroom window wide open. The autumn just doesn’t seem to last that long and then we are into the dreaded winter. But I won’t get into that…..or the coyotes with the bedroom window now open…..or the mosquitoes that seem to squeeze into the smallest cracks or the spiders that…………………………
The End

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