My Top 5 Things that I Love

My top 5 things that I love.



    1. Has to be sunsets!  We live on a farm and we have an extensive view of the west. Some evenings the sunsets are breathtaking. My favorites are the sunsets that incorporate the magenta color! And there has to be some clouds involved with it. The clouds have to have the reflections of the sun on them…..silver or gold linings! Or swirling clouds with wisps and tails. But I think it is the color that I love the best. The reds, the blues, the magentas.


    1. I love my home office where I write my stories!  I have it set up the way I love it, and it is painted the color that I love. I have my desks positioned just so, and the computers are just where I need them to be. I have my bullentine board loaded with ideas and my filing cabinets within reach.


    1. And I love my view from my office window. I love my Hummingbirds! I have a feeder right outside of my window and I love to watch the little Hummers dance in the air around it. They spiral and spin and fight with bees! They chirp and twirl and hang motionless for minutes in the air. Yes, I love to see my Hummingbirds dance for me.


    1. I love my family. I had to get that in there. I love that they tolerate me and my writing hours. I love that my dogs wait for me to say hello to them and remember to pat their heads! I love that my parents are happy and healthy and they are still around. I love that my siblings are doing okay in their lives and that they are not on my doorstep every second weekend!!!


    1. I love that I am healthy and happy and doing what I love to do!
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