My top 5 Role Models

1.Leonardo Da Vinci - being of Italian decent myself and a great lover of fine art (hate that modern crap we call art now!) I was obviously immediately drawn to Da Vinci. His genius literally knew no bounds from art, writing, science, war, philosophy and so much more, he was just a genius and his art captured a soft side to almost every situation he painted. He also had an amazing sense of humour, an example. Da Vinci hated being interrupted while working so he bought an iguana from a local trader and sat it on his window frame for the world to see, but not before placing a prosthetic horn on the end of its nose and hanging a sign on his door saying beware of dragon. Many people in Italy at that time had never seen an iguana so would run at the first site of it. Genius.

2. J.K.Rowling - she is my writing goddess in many ways, not because the harry potter series is so brilliant, but because for ten years she kept trying and trying and trying to get it published. Sending her manuscript to over THREE HUNDRED agents and publishing firms over those years. How none of them ever realised her genius is beyond me but it was her determination and belief in her work to get it published that I find very inspiring, where most authors would have given up or written a new novel she stuck by her idea until she saw it through! And boy did she see it through.

3. Bruce Lee - I have been doing martial arts since I was six years old, I love it, it defines me as a person in many respects and I don't know what kind of person I would have become without it. My Dad who was a Judo Master for 25 years took me to my first martial arts class after I watched Enter the Dragon with him. When I was older I started to read Bruce Lee's autobiography, which I still have, and his life, mind and sheer talent never cease to astonish me. He was a brilliant man who was in many ways well ahead of his time. Originally he moved to the U.S to study Philosophy and famously said 'When I get my degree I will be a Philosopher, who will think many deep thoughts about being poor.' His martial art Jeet Kune Do is still taught today and his teachings are still relevant in this modern time.

4. Nelson Mandela - I've been to Robin Island, I've sat in his very cell. I'm six feet tall; it wasn't even wider than my outstretched arms. It takes a great man to walk out of a cell that small totally and utterly able to forgive the people who put him there. I don't need to say anymore about him. Amazing human being.

5. My Family - I have a bit of a mad family, part Irish, part Italian and lives in you can imagine. But I wouldn't change them for the world. I love each and every one of them and they teach me something new about something every day and inspire me in my writing whether they realise it or not.

The End

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