Top 5 things I would wish for from a genie

1. 20/20 vision

My eyesight sucks, so I totally need this. Yeah, I know there's stuff to make my eyes back to the way they were so long ago, but it's expensive. And I'm a poor college student. You see how this doesn't work.

2. All the stuff in Fantasy literature to be real.

Yeah, even the dragons. Life would be a lot more dangerous, but it would also be a lot more fun. I mean, imagine if you walked down the street, picked up a littered can of soda, and found out there was a genie trapped inside who'll give you 5 wishes. Wait a second...

3. That everyone in the world can be happy with other people for at least one day.

Yeah, I know, world peace. Such a beauty queen thing to ask for, but really all I want is to not have to listen to people complain for a day. Wouldn't that be great?

4. There are no rocks within 100 feet of the shore at the beach.

Every time I go to the beach with decent waves, I come home with at least 5 scratches. It drives me nuts. They don't hurt much, but it's just so annoying because on the rocks there's all kinds of algae stuff that's all squishy and gross when I step on it. Eeeeew....

5. For more wishes!


The End

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