My Top 5 TV Series

  1. Death Note - This 2006 anime series is in a class of its own. A supernatural thriller about a certain notebook of death. The animation is dark and well shaded, with unique camera techniques and usage of special effects. The story is incredibly complex and has a strong moral lesson. Anyone who puts down anime as a child's thing, make them watch Death Note.
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The second anime series based on the Fullmetal Alchemist manga. Brotherhood follows much more closely with the manga than its 2002 predecessor. The animation style is gorgeous, even utilizing 3D at times. Character shading and textures are excellent. The story is also very complicated, combining themes of science with dark magic and steampunk. Although the ending of the series is clear from the start, the journey is what's great about FMA: Brotherhood. You may be able to accurately guess from the start what will happen in the end, but the 64 episodes it takes to get there are just so mesmerizing that you won't even care about the ending. The characters have a strong development path and well-thought out personalities.
  3. Futurama - A cartoon view of the year 3000. From Torgo's Executive Powder to Mars University, there are so many gimmicks about the future that will make you wish you were there. The characters are easy to like, especially Fry (the year 2000 guy who comes to the future by accident) and Bender (the most evil robot in existence, but likeable anyway). One of my favorite things about Futurama is that it's funny. Many "mature" cartoons these days aren't funny. Futurama has actual jokes in their dialogue and actions that will make you laugh. In contrast, Family Guy relies on parodying celebrities and swears to score a cheap laugh every now and then. 
  4. The Twilight Zone - In the 60's, Rod Serling created my favorite anthology series. Ever. The episodes are well-thought out. Some ironic, some with a huge twist. But somehow, nearly every episode of The Twilight Zone will keep you thinking, long after its over. This show is also known for its huge influence on pop culture. Possibly inspiring the killer doll Chuckie and various other films. Songs have been based on it and other TV shows reference it (one being Futurama). A must watch.
  5. Invader Zim - A fine of example of what happens when Nickelodeon actually acquires a good series. Intriguingly animated by Jhonen Vasquez, Invader Zim is about the titular character Zim, an incompetent alien from a species well known for their invasions. The leaders attempt to get rid of him by sending him on a false reconnaissance mission, but he ends up on Earth. Believing Earth to be his mission, Zim starts living amongst the humans, learning their weaknesses. The humour in this show is dark and random, so much that at times it doesn't even make sense. To make it even better, the people of Earth don't seem very... natural. They speak in odd, almost hysterical tones and there are very few of them capable of critical thought. Even though Invader Zim is set on Earth, the strange animation and the freakish habits of the humans will make it feel like you're viewing another planet entirely.
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