Top 5 People That Inspire Me

In no particular order:

1) My grandpa:

He came to the US from mexico and he was always a hard worker. He loved giving back to the community and helping others. He survived by himself when he first came here despite the prejudice.

2) Sean Malto:

Even though he's a skateboarder I still find him amazing. He's from Kansas like I am and no one big comes out of Kansas. He supports his family on his own. The big one is that he followed his dreams and is now living it. 

3) Bethany Hamilton:

I didn't realize how great she was until I saw the movie Soul Surfer. Though the movie may not be that close to her actual experience I still see her as so inspirational. To be able to do all that after losing an arm is just so stunning!

4) The Buried Life guys:

These kids do so much and they're really successful in their lives. They have a bucket list and they live what they want to do. Not only that but also in return for each thing they cross off their list they help a person do something they've always wanted to do. In my perspective there're really kind and giving and that sets a good example and lesson that everyone can learn from. 

5) The Jabbawockeez:

First of all they're the winners of ABDC! Now that's pretty awesome! Going on. They never stopped fighting on their way to the top and they even had injuries and lost a member of the group. Their dancing is phenomenal and so incredible that you can't even believe your eyes. To me just when they're dancing is inspirational and they make others want to keep on trying. 

The End

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