Too Late: A Song by SlyMature

I put this up a while back but took it down, figured I can put it back up to try and get some feedback.

I wrote some lyrics a long time ago about a part of my life where I was perhaps the worst version of myself to date. Luckily I've grown a lot since then, and although I still make a lot of mistakes, I don't necessarily tear the hearts out of people as often. Which is good.

Here are the lyrics, and the link to the video. Don't mind the glitches (I edited some mistakes :p)

Too Late:

I guess it's best, To start this story from the top.
We would have said we'd known each other, a lifetimes worth.
We would have said we'd be together, so long as the sun shined on the earth.
Yeah we were set, or so we thought.

If someone would have told us then, how our future would unfold
We wouldn't have believed a single word.

You were, a million miles and an ocean away
And you came here thinking,I would be the man I should have been.
And I know it's not the time to say I'm sorry but I am;
for all the selfish shit I did.

It's too late, the page has turned,
The story had to end, it's just another lesson learned, my friend.

For what it's worth, You've made your mark.
And I know I shouldn't but, sometimes it gets me thinking

I would love, to see you again some day,
Maybe pass my fingers through your, fiery hair and say,
I wish I'd been there with you, along the way.
For all the crazy shit we'd have done.

It's too late, that ship has sailed
The winds of time have pushed it a million miles and an ocean away, my friend.

It's too late, the fire's gone out
But somewhere in my heart, a flame will always burn for you, my friend.

The End

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