Today is my birthday

Today, I turn one year older than I was yesterday and it’s exciting!

But mostly, I’d just like to take the time to thank all of the people who’ve been with me and wrote with me in this almost a year time I’ve spent on Ptag.

Now, I’ll try to name as many people as I can think of, but my memory has its limits and my time has limits. Now if you’ll bear with me...

I’d like to start out by thanking CassieK for being the first person I actually somewhat talked to. Well, actually, she asked me why I fanned her. But I was excited! And we followed up with some amazing collabs (Iron Vikings *cough*). Not to mention, I was a big fan of Merlin Effect (which unfortunately died... :P).

I’d also like to thank DismalDread for giving me confidence in my writing and for starting one amazing collab. I still miss Henry...

I wanna thank DethnusAkearose for just being plain awesome. Keep being awesome. I love your new profile picture on facebook by the way.

Many thanks to starwarsfreak117, because maybe you don’t know it, but Superpowers Inc. has been my favorite collab that I’ve read so far. And your Night Hawk pages are so cool.

Thank you Bearington, MadDurand and sycamore for collabing with me on a Camp NaNo and thank you Syccie for all of the amazing collabs we’ve done together.

Thank you MattForgentti for all the planning we would do together. Remember Skylands? I’m looking forward to it.

JeromeR.Vandamme, I love your work.

And last but not least, I just wanna thank everyone for being here and making this place amazing.

So, I say, tonight we all celebrate.



The End

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