This is in memory of the poor child who ended her life today

let us take a moment to step back and reflect on what has happened on this day. This morning we lost a child to the cruel hands of bullying. She was only 14 years old, 14 years old. She will never get to witness what it is like being a teenager, her life ended as quick as it has began. She will never get to witness being in high school, or feel the love of a husband or have children who love her. nothing can ever justify the need of a bully. If you come from a broken home, why take it out on others? You should ask for help, not bring others down. We lost a young lady today, because of bullies. What ever happened to what we were taught as children? "treat others the way you want to be treated." It should NEVER take the death of a child for people to open their eyes and see the ugly consequences of bullying. She will be forever missed. I may not have known her personally, but my heart goes out for her family and friends. May this be a lesson to those who bully. No life deserves to be ended short. So, let us take a stand today, a stand to lend a hand to those who are bullied. To promise to never bully, to be there to comfort someone struggling through life's hardships. This is a little poem I wrote in her memory. It is titled 'Today."

Today we gather around as the curtain falls,

Around the life of a child's silent calls.

Her life was cut short by the sad cold hands of fate,

By the bullies who hate her for the good she could create.

She was beautiful and kind to all her friends,

Why must her life come to such a short end?

She will never marry, will never be a wife,

All because bullies tried to direct her life,

they made her feel unwanted and broken,

Her wet tears were their only token.

Her life was full of potential and purpose,

She was only a child, she did not deserve this.

So today we come forth to remember this young jewel,

and to  open our eyes to the truth, kids can be cruel.

The End

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