Today I confronted my rapist. It has been 4 years and I finally told him exactly what it was. I’ve alluded to the fact but this time I said the word rape and I stood by my stance.

Maybe you think nothing of this, but this is a huge step for me. This man had such a mental hold on me even though it was years ago. He was mentally abusive and controlling. In some ways, he still is. He was the man who had me believing that I was lucky he was interested in me.

I confronted him and while he didn’t believe me, I was finally able to feel like I might be able to move on from that moment. I accepted it. I stood up for myself. I can’t change his mind and I don’t need to.

Today I am proud of myself.
Today I am strong.
Today I am more than what he did to me.
Today I am making the healing begin.

The End

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