A Distance There Is

I wish I could tell you I was happy

Going slowly through sands of time

Still having memories to create

Dancing to others drums

Thinking of the future and the sea


Home is the reason I came to be

And the heart I hold so dear

Is taken by another who has her key

A distance there is


Out for humanity you cry

This wonder for life has led me to despise all I cherished within me

There lies he who doth protest too much


Breaking myself and yet always wondering why

I’m trapped

I’m trapped

My life, my soul, my whole is for you the lost


Drowning within the edentide I come to thy bed

Whispering stories of the midnight I wished for peace


I want to live close with the tears you cry

I love the way you smiled again

Give up the fear you have within

All it does is consume our souls

The moon is yours to dance on and more

But a distance there is


So go slowly through the passageway of time

Hold on to innocence and virtues to spread

Far and wide with many miles to go


For home is the sailor who drives across the sea

And the forgotten who light up the skies endlessly

Are the children we crave to redeem.

The End

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