The Master of The Keys (Things I Want You To Know)

I often wonder

I often ponder

Why it is that you, dear reader, have invaded my mind.


I find that you, muse of great creation, have wandered into my mind and squandered the evils that lie between the cracks of the lines they call my thoughts.

The traces of which go pitter patter in the night sky like constellations from cleared skies after a great rain ended the droughts


I want to ask you

If you knew how much the simplest things you’ve written, grew gardens for my toolbox of creativity

If you knew that you caused me to believe for the first time seriously in His plans for me and made me whole for all to see.


So I created this poem for you, and me

As a testament, to a hope and belief

Of the future as I wished it to be


Lost inside but longing for life

My innermost feelings come to light

I used to fear the Master of the Keys

Until you showed me what He had for me


He is loving and kind, holding the door open all this time

Which I never saw because I had others scolding me with lies and the tales of a stranger


So I freeze those moments in time where I felt the most alive

And hideaway from the lonely dark

Writing and diving through my mental paintings of vast landscapes with larks


Hark the harrowed angels sing

Glory to the new born King


I want to ask you so many things

For you make the heart glow with so much ease

And have brought me to my knees to acknowledge the Master of the Keys

To see what He has planned for me.


He is the wind blowing the trees

The reason the ocean parts with ease

Comes henceforth from the Master of the Keys


The Book He left us seems so foreign but

He opens all locks when we are ready for them

I want to find the locked doors to your heart and shatter them open


To show your smile, even for a day

The hidden serenades of hope and love, I wish to return to you in thanks

Sleep in reverie ma Cherie, and follow your dreams

The End

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