To Those Who Believe

I do not usually write about my faith, and I don't usually advertize it, but, here goes nothing. I hope this helps you through the lonely road to Heaven

This one is for the girl whom I admire,

Because her heart is pure as ice, yet is set on fire

And it melts to be reformed into ever more lovely and obscure shapes that she may despise

She wears masks of paper thin outlines of prose and verse in a familiar disguise

It's held to her face, torn, scratched out, and rehearsed, with a thread-faint string spurred out of a verse from God that she has heard,

Although she hesitates and mourns at times,

Because she’s lost the will to create, with words that only aggravate and agitate her love for prose and rhyme,

And if she’s lost the will to create then she has failed and oh how her soul cries.

Hold on child, and listen, for I shall tell no lies,

Because the life you hold is precious,

Because the life you mold is yours, and that, no one can mess with,

Because the heart burns to sear the scars shut that you still hold,

Because the muse sent by Him demands that you be bold,

Because in a sense you are living as if in a nightmare and you don't even know,

Because you care what you say or how you are perceived even if it doesn't show.

If the words tumble and fall out of your lips like sprawling spider webs filled with broken roses

And you find them troublesome and hard to grasp

And if your plans make you feel lost in the maelstrom of bitter regrets


 Do not fret, your past is your past.

Everyone fears loneliness and death

They're things we've all met.

So love who you do

Because He loves you

Even if you do what He says not to.

We must begin wherever we are and follow the trace which cannot take the senses driven by ego into account, for it is impossible to justify the point where we begin and end with Him.

He is the conscious action of humanity running through the tongue, the voice of reason fraught with chaos upon the void.  He is the center of the universe roaming through the dense starlight of nothingness that stays in place and yet spins the threads of fate in place.

Because of the indisputable fact that E=MC squared, we begin and end wherever we believe ourselves to be, with no obstacle we cannot face.

So at night when all seems leery,

When you hear that eerie, all too familiar whisper in the depths of the chilled nocturnal air

Stop that thought! You're not weak or needy.

Where darkness lies, the Devil embraces misery, and breeds oceans of contempt and leagues of despair. 

Know that God, the Father, Loves You, and He is right there.

The Light He has promised you shall guide you with flair!

The End

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