In conclusion, I believe that much of the Nazi Party’s success was founded in force, as they created a police state with the SS as well as eliminating political opposition both inside and outside the party. However, they also employed numerous other techniques in their favour, including their Youth Policy, the economy, the Kraft durch Freude scheme and the particularly influential Nazi propaganda and control of the media. To quote Historian Geoff Layton: “Despite the immense power of the Nazi police apparatus, it would be simplistic to believe that the regime maintained itself in power simply by the use of brutal repression.” I entirely agree with this: it is naïve to suggest that solely force kept the Nazis in power. As a party, they were far cleverer than that, and successfully exploited various other methods of power retention. Also, what has to be noted is the simple but true point that they could not have achieved power initially had they not appealed to a significant number of the German public, gaining 37.8% of German votes in the 1932 parliamentary election. Therefore, I believe that the Nazi party used force as a major tool to stay in power between 1931 and 1939, but that they did not rely on it, as they also used various other methods to their advantage.

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