Change Of BlameMature

Vicky was taken to see her mentor. Fat lot of good it had done her in the past, fat lot of good it did her now. Although it did place an interesting idea in her head...

The next day, she marched up to me, and simply said:
"Kate, I'm joining your drama group. What time and what day do you meet up?"

My drama group was about my favourite thing at the time. I just loved acting on stage - it was something artistic I was actually good at for once. And, for the first time, I had the lead in the play we were doing!

What harm could it do? I thought to myself, and told Vicky that our next meeting was that evening at 5:30.


That night, my piano lesson over-run, so I was 10 minutes late to drama, which, in itself was no big deal. The thing that turned my blood to ice was that the second I opened the auditorium door, I heard Vicky's voice, singing a song into the microphone. She was good, and I wouldn't be that bothered that she was auditioning for a part in the show (of course she'd need a part to be in the production!) But she was singing my song. The song I had to perform in the show.

Then, the director's voice: "Well done Vicky, that was fantastic - much better than Kate has been faring! I think I'll give you her part."

My heart sunk. I had already been cast - surely she couldn't change that? But as Sarah, the director, explained to me later, it was "only fair" that Vicky was given a chance to audition for any part she wanted. And she wanted mine. Even though I'd been going on for weeks bout how happy I was that I had the lead.

Nobody knew I had heard anything - I was still standing in the doorway. So I stifled a sob and rushed into the toilets where I grabbed the bunch of keys in my pocket and rythmically, with an ironically happy jingling, began scraping them across the white skin of my wrist.

In hindsight, I don't even know why I did it. It seems foolish really. All I know is that the emotions going through my head as I was hurting myself were different to those of Vicky.

She saw the scars, but never commented.

The End

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