About a month later...Mature

Needless to say, the being appreciated didn't last long. She was soon back with Milly and Harriet. But I honestly didn't mind. It was her choice, and I was beginning to feel really bogged down with her constant complaining, and couldn't be bothered being her "best" friend anymore. It was too much hard work!

I was beyond shocked when one day, after making me swear I wouldn't tell anyone, Vicky told me something. She told me that Milly, her best friend, had been cheating on her boyfriend with Asher. Well, well, well Miss Milly. Insulting you think?

Vicky was distraught. "I still love him," she sobbed. Even though they weren't even going out at the time. Even though she had another boyfriend. Even though she knew I had never dated anyone and therefore had no experience of anything boy-related what-so-ever.

And to be honest, my life was beginning to spiral a bit. My parents had begun arguing, my love life was still non-existent, and I discovered that even the things I was best at, there were too many people better than me at them. And not once did Vicky ask how I was.

The End

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