Three days later, a text beeped onto my phone:


You have (1) new message:

From: Vicky


Hey babee. Sorrii bout wat hapend b4. hopin were stil m8s? cz ur realli makin me sad...



How dare she use her unstable nature against me? But I smiled as I read the message. At least she had the decency to apologize, even if it was delayed three days. I wasn't going to give in that easily though.

Sorry? Rite, Ive heard dat one befor. Why do you need me as a frend anyway? Youve got milly an harriet. dont need me.

Message Sent

You have (1) new message

From: Vicky


wtf? kate, uve bin ma bst m8 4 years wat makes that change now?



You are what made that change. You go gallivanting off with milly and harriet every day and dont spend a thought for me, your real frend whos been with you through evrything. i dunno why i bother still bein your frend. just leave me alone - deal with your problems yourself and dont drag others down with you.

Message deleted

You're right but I still want to talk to you properly. Can you go on msn?


Message sent

Why was I giving her this chance? I was too weak-hearted I suppose. So I logged on to my computer and within a few minutes, the announcement that EmoKid had signed on popped onto my screen.

EmoKid: Heyy wat did u wanna sayy?

BlueEyedGirl: Just that I hope you are ok with what i sed to you.

EmoKid: Sure I get it all da time - hey what lessons have we got tomorro?


I sighed. Using me for school help. Again.

BlueEyedGirl: cba checkin. geography an maths an three others lol are we friends?

EmoKid: Of course


Somehow I wasn't so sure.


A few days later on our first day back at school, Vicky once more had slashes along her wrists. But I bore my patience. I had debated with myself over the course of a few days and I decided that even though I may not be her best friend, she was probably mine and I should support her. Earn her trust. After all, I was the one she'd end up crawling back to.

Over the next week, I helped her. I was there when she was in tears and no-one else could comfort her. And my plan worked. All of a sudden, she was spending more time with me and not Milly or Harriet. I was the one she asked to go into town first. I was her best friend.

And I was ok with it.

The End

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