The InevitableMature

Guess what happened next? They broke up.

Me and my friends were eating lunch together when Lucy came running up to us. She was out of breath and had obviously been looking for us everywhere.

"Come and see Vicky quick," she panted.

"Why? What's happened?" but I thought I already knew.

"Asher dumped her. He took her behind the bike sheds and just said 'You're jibbed'"

I ran as fast as I could, abandoning my bag and unfinished lunch. When I saw Vicky lying there, arm outstretched, covered in blood with a piece of glass in her other hand and a massive slash right on the vein of her left arm, I almost burst out laughing, which I am quite ashamed to admit. I wanted to laugh because not a singe person was trying to comfort her. She cut herself so often that this one time didn't matter to anyone. Didn't matter to anyone but me. The one person who was actually her friend throughout all this yet who she ranked below Milly. But where was Milly now? With her boyfriend, ignoring the helpless lump on the floor.

Lucy wouldn't come any nearer either.

"No, I'm leaving," she told me. "Blood makes me feel really sick and this is just ridiculous now."

So I was left to sort Vicky out. I started by taking the piece of glass gently out of her hand. For once she didn't resist. The glass was so sharp that just grabbing it cut into my hand. I winced and shook away the pain before throwing the glass in a nearby bin. But I was concerned. If it could do that much damage to me just by holding it, how deep were the cuts on Vicky's arm?

I didn't say anything to her. I knew she would talk about  it when she was ready. So I waited. And waited. Eventually, I had to start:

"What happened Vicky?" I asked, trying to sound as worried as I possibly could - hopefully I would be able to convince her to stop this ridiculous behaviour.

"I want to talk to Milly."

"What?!?" I couldn't believe my ears. After all this, Milly ignoring her and me trying to be there for her,  she still wanted to talk to Milly?

"She's the one who will understand what I'm going through."

I couldn't help myself. I had to bring her down a notch.

"Vicky. Milly is over there. She obviously knows what is happening but doesn't want to be part of it. I'm here, starving hungry with an unfinished lunch by the picnic area. And I'm here, on the other side of school, trying to commfort you. Who's your real friend Vicky?"

"Look Kate. I am f***ing fed up with you trying to stop me doing this. It's my life, my choice. Just keep your nose out of my buisiness ok?"

I was taken aback by her harsh words, but just then, Mrs Greene, the head of "Child Protection" in our school, walked over. Lucy was trailing behind and had obviously told her what had happened. Vicky just stood up and walked away with her without a backwards glance.

Rumours spread around school that she had been sent to hospital to recover from the incident, but I knew she wouldnt've really. She would've refused because she hates hospitals - a fact that her new best friend Milly obviously didn't know. She was the person who started the rumours, and that's the only reason there was even a tiny bit of doubt in my head that the rumours were false. Surely Vicky would have told Milly where she was going.

Later that night, I phoned Vicky to see how she was. She answered the phone and I immediately asked her how she was.

"Yeah, I'm fine. They just sent me home." So much for a hospital then. "Look, now you know I'm not dead, can I go?"

"What? Fine. Whatever. Forget I even cared."

"Yeah, ok." She sounded distracted. "It's just that Milly, Asher and Darren are here." (Darren was Milly's boyfriend.)

I could've known. She either faked the whole breakup for more attention, or begged and pleaded with him to take her back. Pathetic.

"Yes. Fine - go be with your 'real' friends." She didn't notice the sour tone to my voice.

"Okay, bye then." And she hung up.

She didn't even thank me for calling.

The End

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