The Next One Who Came AlongMature

After making such a big deal over Jack, I think Vicky realised how stupid she had been. She didn't apologise for the things she'd said to me, for the way she'd criticised me when there was nobody left to talk to. No, she just carried on with life, forgetting about the things that had happened in the past. And I let it go. I suppose this was because I didn't want to lose one of the best friends I'd ever had.

Then another guy came onstage. Asher was two years older than us, and went to our school. He had a brother in our class. And Vicky had his MSN address. I, her "best friend" was the last one to know that they were going out.

"How did it happen?" I wanted to know.

"Well, we were talking on MSN, and we really liked each other. I mean like liked each other. So we met up in town."

"What? You met up with some random guy?"

"No, I knew he went to our school. God, I'm not that thick."

"Oh good."

I was also the last person to know when they had "met." Apparently, Vicky was all too happy to spread around the school that she had tongue-kissed an older guy. And after only 3 days of dating.

But the self-harming didn't stop. She slit her wrists deeper and deeper, then began on her legs when she broke friends with Harriet and Milly (her other two best friends. Milly was dating Asher's best friend. They were set up together.) She thankfully became friends with Milly again, but not Harriet. She was too stubborn for that.

I tried time and time again to convince her it was horribly wrong, and that she wouldn't get anywhere with it. She actually cut herself because she was "punishing herself" for not being friends with Harriet, when it was her own choice to ignore her.

I think she enjoyed the pain.

The End

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