All this time, Vicky had been going out with a boy called Jack. Jack was a "popular" guy, with loads of mates. I was near them when he broke up with her after 1 month of dating. The conversation went like so:

"Come on Jack, babe. One more snog," Vicky was pleading. Kissing was all she cared about. I was surprised she was still a virgin.

"Look, Vicky. We've had some great times but... I like Steph. It's not fair to carry on seeing you if I think of her every time I kiss you. I'm sorry. It's over."


"Vicky. I don't want to make a big deal about this."

"You're dumping me? For STEPH??"



Then Jack lost it and yelled at the top of his voice:

"I can't believe I dated you in the first place! You're a dirty slag! Go find someone else  to beg for sex."

I was just gaping at them both the whole time. Jack stormed off and Vicky burst into tears. I flung my arms around her, to try and stop the thoughts I knew were going through her head. She was fat, ugly and unwanted. I felt them often enough myself, in my permanently single state. But I knew they would have an immense effect on her brain, and I was pretty sure it would involve a knife.


All I got in return for my friendship, all I got were a few sobs.


The next day, I reached school to an enormous surprise. Well, it wasn't that surprising. Vicky's wrists were covered in massive cuts.

"Vicky?" I could barely speak. I was shocked. Not that astonished, but shocked.

Her voice was barely more than a whisper when she replied:

"I tried to commit suicide Kate. I tried to slit my wrists til I bled to death. When that didn't work, I tried to hang myself with my microphone wire. I'm a mess, Kate. I want to die."

The End

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