to him.

you make me feel like i'm twelve again
giddy mixed with the awkward butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
your hand in the small of my back or a text saying hellp
are all it takes for me to glow;
i walk away beaming.

i know for a fact that we're both in the same boat,
single and okay with that and relying on God for guidance
and yet the twelve year old in me still whispers
"he's kinda cute" in my head and i start to wonder
"what if...?"

so patience will be a virtue i try to cultivate in my heart
and confidence and contentment will hopefully grow alongside.
i am thankful to have you in my life,
so blessed that God has taught our paths to cross
because you've taught me so much.

i rejoice in our friendship
and mutual understanding and appreciation of so many random things.
you've restored my faith in humanity
and you're breaking down my "all guys are the same" belief.
thank you.

The End

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