contemplating "recovery"

I saw a plaque once that said "Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree.

When a good friend of mine, whom I consider to be much like my little sister, was in a psychiatric hospital struggling with an unfair burden of things, I changed this statement a little bit. I launched into a beautiful and healing (for both of us) discussion about how "recovery is a lot like nailing jello to a tree." 




You need to identify the jello and the tree.

You need the right tools.

You need determination and patience.

and you need a plan.

...but sometimes

You also need duct tape

and paper plates

and other people

and thumb tacks

and superglue.

No, that doesn't have to make sense.

Just know that sometimes recovery is a lot harder than it looks,

and you need to get creative sometimes.

The End

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