holding a blade

To those of you holding a blade in your hand right now,

I need you to know that it's not the answer.

Oh, it feels like the answer. I know it does.

But it's not.

Your pain will only multiply after this release.

The war in your head may subside for a second or an hour or a day. That's the horrible part about it: sometimes, it works.

But it doesn't stay there. It's not going to stay 'better.' It's not going to make coping with tomorrow any easier. It's not going to help you in your journey to happiness, courage, grace, and strength. It's not going to make you think clearer or feel better or control more in the long run.

I don't have a right to preach at you. I don't deserve even a little, flattened soap box on an alley street. I can't talk down to you because I'm no better off than you are.

But it's not the answer.

So set down that blade of yours. Put aside the glimmer of hope you feel like you're going to get and pick up instead something that's real. That is unfathomably beautiful and unchanging:

You are loved.

The End

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