fighting addiction

letters to the masses from the confines of my heart.

I know what it's like to have that tugging on your heart. there's only one thing that you can imagine doing right now, even though you know it'll destroy you.

It will tear you up inside. It will break your heart. It will weaken your spirit. It will kill your trust. It will ruin your credibility. It'll hamper your recovery.

I know.

You have to believe me when I tell you that I know.

But let me be that little voice for you tonight. 

Because you're worth more than that. 

Worth exponentially more than the pain you feel and the fears that are holding you down. You're stronger than the mistakes you made six years ago and the issues of three months ago and the problems of yesterday and the slip-ups of just a second ago.

You're stronger because you've survived that much longer. You've existed for those few extra moments. You've proven to the world that you're not done yet.

And you are stronger than the pull

of that measly habit you're trying to break

because you have a following

a support system

a committee that meets on your behalf

...and that is me.


The End

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