To Sex or Not to SexMature

To Sex or Not to Sex

Sex feels so good! That is, it feels good until you find out that it burns when you have to go the bathroom. It is for that simple reason and more that I disagree with having sex before you are married. Many studies have shown that a couples that have sex before they are married have shorter and less fulfilling relationships than couples that wait until they are married to have sex.

To support this, here is a quote that I found on “Americans commonly believe that couples who engage in premarital sex or live together before marriage are more likely to create a successful marriage. In fact, studies show that both those who have sexual experiences before marriage and those who cohabitate are more likely to divorce.”  Using my own experiences as another prime example for my claim, I will show you that premarital sex is a bad idea.

Before I became a teenager I was focused on purely becoming a friend to a woman before even getting into a relationship. I was still young and heavily influenced by my parents. My father always said “boy, you don’t need a girlfriend. You better keep your head in those books.” Did I listen? Hell no! All I could think about as I got older is how much the girls grew up, and grew things that they didn’t have before.

I went from thinking about sex, to talking about sex, to touching in hopes of sex and then graduated to doing the wild thang. The first time I had sex, I went from a feeling of great pleasure to wondering why I just had to have sex. Why didn’t I wait? I didn’t feel any different, just exhausted and tired. I leaned over and glanced at her to find that she was even less attractive to me than she was before.

The End

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