to ScottMature

I have made my mistakes, so have you don't let it fall

I realized, I handle things badly. I get emotional, I get clingy, I need to be reassured when I feel off. Your the opposite, your distant cold and want to be left alone. I learned that the hard way. Yet my love for you is never ending. I hate forever with all my heart because it never becomes forever. Yet my love for you is sick, it's obsessive, it's cruel, it's never wavering. I handled things badly, I am not good with relationships. I should have given you time and space yet I am bad at signals. I am sick for you, I would bind you with my very blood if I could. Yet your always that free spirit, I had you for a very splendid time, I was so very happy. March when my friends died that was the first March I spent laughing daily all because of your calls. Sad thing I know if it wasn't for your friends, for the internet. If I lived with you, or you with me, we would never be apart. You always said we shouldn't start this because it would be a disaster but you also said it was worth it. I shall love you, I don't know if I can stop. I don't know if we will be together as a couple again but I hope someday we will. I made my mistakes all this month of August, every message was a mistake, it wasn't me. Maybe it was but it's the part of me that wants to end all human ties. I am sorry Scott for all my mood swings, for all my mistakes. I regret so much. I will be gone for a very long time. You will hear, nor see a thing of me so please unblock me. I will keep writing for you though. For my love is sick just like my writing.

The End

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