To Run

To Run.

Is to feel the wind rush by your ears,

To escape from all your fears,

To brush away your tears,

To ignore all the leers.


To Run.

Is to not face anything,

To forget everything,

To see all, but nothing,

The hope of finding something.


To Run.

Is to escape mentally,

To leave physically,

To lose everything, practically,

To not act normally.


To Run.

Is to lose it all,

Only happens when we fall,

Our legs look for something tall,

Find the truth, we never shall.


To Run,

Is to be weak,

When life has reached its peak,

When our ceilings have a leak,

An Eden we all seek.


We Run for miles on end,

No longer on life, can we depend,

Search for a hand someone may lend,

But we find nothing in the end.

The End

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